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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
3:36 am


Friday, October 31st, 2003
10:49 pm - such gayness.
Grr. To all the people who read this post, here's something new I found out today.

Apparently, he "doesn't want to get a girlfriend because he doesn't want me to feel bad."

Actually, the exact words I heard from my friend were "Who cares about Laura. I can get any girl I want ... so many girls want me. I just don't want to get a girlfriend because I don't want her to feel bad."

.... One second.


That just AMUSES me so much. I find it REALLY ironic that we both aren't eager to get new boyfriends or girlfriends because we don't want the other to be hurt. Yes, it's quite bitter irony too. Makes me wonder how long we're going to continue like this ..

But the "I can get any girl I want, so many girls want me" part makes me laugh. SO. HARD.

Dude, EVERY girl practically knows what kind of person he is now. Mack. Flirt. Player. You name it.

I don't know ANY girl who would really WANT a guy like that. Appealing attraction is really quite different. Animal attraction .. whatever.

I am almost CERTAIN though, that if a known player, mack, or whatever were to ask a girl out .. they would almost probably say no. Unless they're attracted to unfaithful people, or have no clue about how the guy is.

Or the entire female population is really demented and would go out with someone like him.

I have had SO MANY GIRLS go up to me and comment on what a player he is. A mack. A flirt. How he makes them uncomfortable with the way he touches them.

HA. If that's showing how they "want him" then I REALLY DON'T WANNA SEE them rejecting him.

He is just too damn full of it. I should be pissed about how he doesn't want another girl because he's so sure it'd make me feel bad, but I've already thought something similar enough .. so yeah, I guess we're both conceited bitches in that way. But I've been asked out plenty already, yet I haven't had some dumbass thought process about how I shouldn't care about him because I can have any other guy I want. I'm just not that full of shit. He, however is. Plus he's got a LOT of the facts messed up.

Dude, check your sources. And your brain while you're out.

It irks me off the way he doesn't want me to "feel bad" though. WHAT THE HELL was he thinking when he cussed me off on AA, deleted me, and blocked me then ? That I'd leap and jump for joy ? How incredibly idiotic. He's done SO MUCH to make me feel bad in the past - ignore me, treat me like I don't exist, block me, delete me, purposely walk away from wherever I am ... stuff that's also pretty insulting. Like I'm the scum on the bottom of his shoe. And even when we were still going out .. oh, the things I could list that he did to make me "feel bad."

Frankly, NOW out of all times is not the time for him to start acting like a noble prick. Like he's SO NICE. Like he really cares about my well-being. Tell me, what difference would it make whether or not you had a girlfriend now .. considering you don't even act as if you know me anymore ? Honestly.

Mann .. he just pisses me off now. Who knew he was such a conceited bastard ?

Maybe stupid girls like me are attracted to conceited bastards like him.

I don't even care if I still like him anymore. It's obvious by this point he's just SUCH A HOMO !

Just go to hell, "koi."

current mood: annoyed


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